Telephone Telepathy

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    Add one of the most popular card tricks of all time, Hilliard's "Telephone Card Trick," to your own repertoire. We provide an array of proven methods for both versions of this classic effect - one where your assistant reveals the name of a card a spectator is thinking of over the phone; and the other where you directly reveal the card a person on the other end of the phone selects FROM THEIR OWN DECK! 
    This publication includes Richard Himber's Sensational "No Questions Asked" Telephone Trick.
    "Either we’ve been hoaxed, we’re losing our so called mind, or Himber has come up with the best telephone card trick we’ve ever been fooled by. At the moment, (he just fooled us with it) we are as completely baffled by it as we have ever been by any trick. We can’t see how he has enough information from the names of the cards called to him over the phone to even have the foggiest idea of what card we had selected, but he named it on the nose with no fishing and no equivocation... At the moment, not knowing anything about the modus operandi, we think we can go out on a limb and call it the best phone trick we’ve been fooled by." - Bruce Elliott, editor of The Phoenix    
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