TC Tahoe LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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    TC Tahoe LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


    Learn award-winning magic from one of the funniest and most talented magicians working today! 
    “You make ME laugh!” - Robin Williams

    "I have always been a fan of TC's thinking. TC knows how to entertain and shares these secrets with you in his series, while providing new methods and clean approaches in his methods." - Kenton Knepper

    "I would recommend TC Tahoe to anyone! Such a naturally funny man!" - Paul Daniels

    "Practical, commercial routines from a successful working pro." - John Carney

    "When I first started doing stage magic many years ago, it was difficult to find or create a solid 5-minute performance piece. Having used a slight variation of TC's Bill in Tomato routine for 5 years is strong testimony to its impressive entertainment value." - Gregory Wilson

    "TC. Too Funny! Too Amazing!"  - Denzel Washington

    "You, my friend, are one of a kind." - Pierce Brosnan

    "TC KNOWS how to be Funny." - Steve Allen

    What will he teach?

    TC Tahoe’s Random Thoughts featuring:


    Jumbo Invisible Card 


    Speed Bump 

    Cards Across

    Invis-a-Bill / IUO / Bill Switch routines



    Evil Eye 

    The Tin Man 



    Coins in Glass

    This Is Only A Test

    Color Changing Knife Routine

    Invisible Card Rise 


    In The Play of Shadows: The Tarot Effect 

    A little Tarot ESP

    A Very Strange Day 

    Tarot Chairs 

    TC’s Swingers Party 

    The Pad


    Free Lunch 


    And more!

    Who is he?

    5 Times nominated Close-up Magic of the Year, 5 times nominated Stage Magic of the Year, 5 nominated Lecture of the Year and 2 time WINNER of  Parlour Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle, TC Tahoe, the Man-Child of Magic is more than a Comedian and more than a Magician, he's an Entertainer!  

    TC Tahoe is one of the funniest magicians working today.
    He captivates audiences' world wide with his unique blend of wit and wonder, from Australia to New Zealand, from the Hollywood Hills to the Hills of Tennessee... and way too often in the Bahamas.
    Join us here at Penguin LIVE to learn directly from one of the most successful working comedy magicians in the world!  


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