PURE by Ross Tayler

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    PURE by Ross Tayler

    In 2015, Ross and Brad briefly made available a highly limited and coveted set of lecture notes entitled PURE. These were an in depth exploration of the principles of authenticity in performance; the aim of which was to demonstrate how far the application of a few sociological principles could go to strengthening the experience of magic for an audience. They have now chosen to make these notes available to the community.

    After years of wrestling with their own dissatisfaction with the conventional performance of magic, Ross and Brad felt that they had no choice but to begin experimenting and discover the real requirements of creating an emotionally and intellectually convincing demonstration of magic.

    In this manuscript, Ross and Brad will guide you through every necessary component of creating an authentic performance.

    • You’ll learn the 3 essential pillars of believability, and how to apply them to create absolute trust with your spectators.
    • Understand the secret formula for creating a credible persona, WITHOUT the need for exceptional acting abilities!
    • Explore the 2 essential models of simplicity: Grow to understand why doing LESS will make you look BETTER.
    • Ground your performance in your audiences reality – they must understand WHY they should care!
    • Never fear hecklers again! We’ll teach you the LINEAR process to handle ANY challenge.
    • And, if you’ll pardon the cliché: much, much more!

    Many books on theory are no more than mental masturbation, created for no greater purpose than the satisfaction of the author.

    PURE is different. PURE is a set of practical techniques and approaches, which will make your performances stronger.

    No matter what your experience level, we believe you will find ideas in this booklet which you’ll implement into your work.

    This is not a book full of tricks or a set of magic bullets to help the performer pretend to be something they are not. This will not be easy. PURE is a complex system, which will require deep consideration, reflection, and effort if you wish to reap the benefits. It is our sincere belief that all good things come at a cost, and if it comes easy, it’s probably not worth having.

    With all these things said, we wish you the best of luck in your journey, and are delighted to welcome you to PURE.


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