Michael Rubinstein LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)

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    Michael Rubinstein LIVE 2 (Penguin LIVE)



    "A Superb Artist" - Dai Vernon

    "A Highly Innovative Coin Worker" - Ken Krenzel

    "One "Hell" of a Coin Guy" - Tom Gagnon

    "A Coin Master" - Mike Ammar

    "One of the Best coin Workers I Ever Expect to See!" - David Williamson

    "Michael Rubinstein is one of the best coin handlers I've ever seen. His work is original, he creates new plots, and his technique is superb. You don't want to miss his lecture." - David Roth

    "I have had both the honor and privilege of calling Mike Rubinstein a friend for over 30 years now. In that time I can honestly say I have seen and learned an amazing amount of great magic from this man! Now you have an opportunity to do the same...Do yourself a favor and do not pass up this chance to see one of the greatest coin guys of our time!!!" - Mike Gallo

    "Your close up show was filled with amazing coin magic. And the ending made me laugh so hard I wanna see it again!" - Nathan Kranzo

    "Michael Rubinstein is a walking encyclopedia of coin magic. He is everything you wanted to know or see about coin magic.
    Michael Rubinstein has made the world of coin magic available to all magicians through his encyclopedic videos, publications, and lectures. Penguin now brings the latest from this master of coin magic. If you want to know anything about coin magic, ask Michael Rubinstein. He wrote the book! He produced the videos. Michael is the heir apparent to J.B. Bobo and this lecture brings you the latest update." - Bill Wells

    "Whether you're experienced in coin magic or relatively new, Mike has an uncanny knack of really breaking down and teaching coin magic that makes it easier and fun. You will see a wealth of very practical material in the lecture. No pipe dreams, just magic!" - John Carey

    "I've always been a fan of Mike's engaging plots and original techniques. There's something for everyone in his lecture. And with Mike being such a great teacher you'll come away with a bank of great ideas to add to your repertoire. Highly recommended!" - Doug Brewer

    "Michael Rubinstein is on the short list of coin magic innovators who have moved the craft forward during the last 30 years." - David Regal

    "I've been following Michael Rubinstein and his amazing creations for over 30 years. He has produced an amazing output of coin techniques, concepts and effects that literally revolutionized the field. I am astounded by the depth and quality of his work over this period of time and I learn something of value every time I see him." - Marc DeSouza

    "Michael, who though is known very well in coin magic, is also a hidden gem. His variations on the classics, to the best coin vanish I have ever seen (and use) are not to be missed. His creativity will spark yours. A must see!" - Chris Korn

    What will he teach?

    Case Solved - A signed coin and selected card disappear and wind up in the card case.

    Stand Up Coins through the Table

    Twilight Zone Wild Coin - Performed by Rubinstein in the last Penguin Lecture with a purse, this version plays bigger, telling the story of George Midas, who receives a Golden Opportunity, to enter...The Twilight Zone

    Oil and Water - An updated handling of the classic plot using coins, with a brand new KILLER ending!

    Imagine a Coin - A NEW Three way spellbound!

    The Blank Coin Routine - Three blank coins take on the form of three different coins

    Three Quarters - A NEW way to use three borrowed coins, to perform a set of three routines :
    Smileys Junior - A non gimmicked version of the popular commercial trick sold for many years where a sad face drawn on a borrowed quarter changes to a happy face.
    The Bent Coin - An interlude trick where a coin is bent, and restored using first aid.
    Signed Bill Through Quarter - A different take on the old cigarette through coin routine, where a signed bill is used instead of a cigarette.

    Giant Four Coins Through the Table - The classic routine done with JUMBO coins.

    Expansion of Texture, Copper Penetration, Copper Silver transposition in a Spectator's Hand- A Trio of effects right out of Bobo, but with an updated handling incorporating JW Grip to give a very clean look.

    Magnetic Coins Routine - A streamlined handling of Rubinstein's routine from the NYCMS dvd series.

    Thumb Through Coin - A triple penetration of your thumb through a coin, using some very clean displays.

    The Black Hole - Rubinstein's take on Roth's classic plot, where four coins vanish into a black hole, with a delightful climax.

    The Specciolini Brothers - Rubinstein's opening act is BACK, as Mario, Franco, and Guido once again perform their incredible acrobatics. This all new handling is perfect for table hopping, and is all done in the hands.

    The Wishing Well - A NEW and simpler handling of Rubinstein's four coin production, with a sweet story that reels in your audience.

    The Substitution Trunk Mystery - the classic roiutine, done with a copper and silver coin, and an Okito Box.

    Who is he?

    Michael Rubinstein, was born in New York in 1956. He became interested in magic when his aunt bought him some magic tricks at the age of nine, but didn't become serious until after someone showed him how to do the French Drop at age fifteen. He got his parents to buy him the Modern Coin Magic book for his birthday and after reading the book cover to cover he began developing his own moves and techniques.

    In 1977, Rubinstein moved to Italy to study Veterinary Medicine. It was there that he hooked up with the Italian Magic Organization, and began lecturing, and developing many of the retention techniques that have since defined his style. Michael Rubinstein won first place in the International Close up Competition in Bologna Italy in 1983 (the most important competition in Europe in an off FISM year), and repeated his success by winning first place at the International Close up Competition in St.. Vincent in 1984. In 1985 Rubinstein produced the Master Coin Technique video series in Germany, which was later turned into the Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights, sold by L&L. Many famous magicians, like Reed McClintock and Giacomo Bertini, got their start in coin magic by studying these videos. In 1986 with Videonics, Rubinstein released his Knockout coin Magic video series, which were the first videos ever produced to release unpublished material to magic audiences.

    After a brief hiatis from magic, Michael Rubinstein came back with a vengence, forming the The York Coin Magic Seminar along with David Roth, Geoff Latta, and Mike Gallo, Their 16 volume 17 disc DVD set, the New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD series, is the biggest collection of coin magic ever produced on DVD, and contains additional contributions from Kainoa Harbottle, Giacomo Bertini, Scotty York, Bob Fitch, Al Schneider, Eric Jones, Bill Citino, Marc DeSouza, Eric DeCamps, Doug Brewer, Vic Trabucco, Scott Robinson, and Dan Watkins. It has been called by Bill Wells the video Bobo for the 21st century.

    Dr. Rubinstein has also published his magical creations in Apocalypse, Richard's Almanac, Magic Magazine, Genii, Looking Glass, Ruminations,. Best of Friends II, and Spectacle, and appeared on the Coinvention DVD, LVMI 2003 DVD, and the European Coin Magic Symposium DVD set. Most recently Dr. Rubinstein was the guest of Honor at the Second European Coin Magic Symposium, held in Milan, Italy, in 2011. He has performed and lectured all over the world, and most recently was a featured close up performer and lecturer at the Magic Castle. Dr. Michael Rubinstein currently lives in New York where he works as a Veterinarian, along with his wife Karen, son Matthew, 4 cats, and Angie the wonder dog.


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