Joe Cole - Micro Economics

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    Joe Cole - Micro Economics
    MicroEconomics (A small Collection of BIG ideas and Routines for a Tiny Purse).
    The book that you have been waiting for, MicroEconomics! Within these pages are some of the most clever and original ideas with the coolest little purses in the world (the Micro purse). This is the real work from some of magic top performers.
    Been looking for a great way to end your coin routine, without the usual production of a jumbo coin?
    Check out "The Dime Machine" by Curtis Kam in chapter 3.
    Ever wanted a routine that is not only fun and entertaining for adults, but plays equally well for children?
    Check out "Finger Puppet" by Doug Brewer in chapter 4.
    Are you looking for a great routine to "break the ice" for restaurant/walk-around work?
    Then check out "My Two Cents" by Joe Cole in chapter 2.
    Looking for a transposition effect, where your spectators won't already see it coming?
    Check out "Stock Exchange" by Joe Rindfleisch in chapter 2.
    You say you're looking for a routine that's entertaining and interactive, that can be performed close up, strolling, parlor, or stage?
    Check out "Double your Money" by Frank Starsinic in the bonus section.
    These routines and many more can be found within the pages of "MicroEconomics."
    Six chapters of ideas, routines, running gags using cards, coins, wooden cigars and even your fingers.
    Included with the 8 1/2 x 11 book are two Micro Purses so you can get started right away!
    Pages 67


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