Gypsy by Ian Kendall

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    Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall
        I work in the casino industry so dice hustles are a passion of mine. Ian I think you have done the finest job of documenting and teaching a dice switch to date. A really first rate job, and I have been with and hung around the best in the business.
        Jeff Connor
    The two-for-two dice switch is the stuff of legend. In Casino Game Protection, Steve Forte described it as, "a flawless, one-handed switch is a sight to see, and without question, is one of the most impressive moves in all gambling sleight of hand." But from crossroaders shooting dice in the back rooms of spit’n’sawdust bars to high rollers playing craps in Las Vegas – the move is seldom seen today. In this download Ian Kendall gives in depth instruction on two of these elusive techniques.
    If you are looking at the trailer and thinking that these switches are too difficult for you... think again. Ian has found the ideal way to break the switches into their component parts. Close-up point-of-view camera angles and Ian's commentary make for an immersive and effective learning experience.
    Running time: 40 mins. approx.


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