Great Magic Things I Do They Can Do Karrell Fox

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    Great Magic Things I Do They Can Do Karrell Fox

    "Things I do. They can do." - Karrell Fox

    Beautifully simple, simply beautiful. Karrell Fox's magic is sprinkled with humor, and his humor is full of magic. HE continues to inspire the tyro and the professional in his premiere performance in a magic DVD.

    This legend in the world of magic, sometimes referred to as a general practitioner of the art , has gained wide recognition as a:

    • Comedian
    • TV personality
    • Mentalist
    • Writer
    • Illusionist
    • lecturer
    • Clown
    • Salesman

    "Foxy" Effects included:

    • 221 Rope Trick
    • Washington's Wig
    • Super Spinge
    • Houdini Bands
    • Coin in Bottle
    • Bull's-eye Card
    • SurpRizing Card
    • Electric Tray
    • PyromaniAct
    • Asrah Glass
    • YenSational Coins
    • Call from Home

    Bonus footage of Karrell Fox reciting his tribute poem


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