Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson
  • Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson
  • Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson

Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson

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 Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson
Dark Arts Press Ebook Bundle
Magic download (ebook) by Jared Kopf and John Wilson ($100.00)
The ‘Dark Arts Press’ have produced some of the MOST interesting books on magic and mentalism that we have seen this year.  Classic Fantastic by Paul Vigil took the magic world by storm and now they are back on the scene with four new books by Jared Kopf and John Wilson. We a thrilled to be able to offer you all four for only $100. The best part is that you will be able to read them instantly in your account, or download them onto your phone or table!
Vaticinium ex Eventu by Jared Kopf
A collection of three effects from the ingenious and unique mind of Jared Kopf. In it’s entirety, the book presents an argument for why the Object to Impossible Location plot should be framed as a prediction effect. As a result, you receive a wonderful balance of Jared’s very strong theory, and three high impact effects which put his theories into practice.
The Card in the Envelope - Under incredibly fair and open conditions, three audience members ‘create’ a playing card. Somehow, this is shown to have been known in advance when the card is missing from the deck and found in an envelope which the SPECTATOR tears open.
Steal this Trick - A mystery with the English language. Explaining your love for language, you mention that you have noted down some of your favourite sentences on the back of a business card. You proceed to have three words named by different participants. Unsurprisingly, they create a very odd sounding sentence. However, in a surprise turn of events, when you remove your business card once more, written very clearly is an exact prediction of the sentence. Not only that, it is shown to have been plagiarised from a James Joyce novel, thus raising the question, “is there really anything new under the sun?”.
The Oneiromancer’s Index - Demonstrate an uncanny ability to reveal a persons innermost fears as you predict a randomly selected person’s nightmare!
Nothing but the Family Deck by Jared Kopf
In 2013, Jared Kopf released Nothing but the Family Deck to critical acclaim. Within a very short time, it was out of print. Ever since, it has been completely unavailable… until now. We are thrilled to now offer you this brand new, revised version.
Over 36 pages, Jared guides you through an assortment of routines, each of which exudes his sophisticated style.
    Repelling Breathers 
    The Optical Run & Toss False Shuffle 
    Riffled OOSOOM 
    Shuffle Shift 
    Far-Flung Collectors 
    An Open Display of Triumph 
    E.G. Brown Revisited 
You, Me and the Devil Makes Three (Volumes 1 and 2) by John Wilson
A two volume collection of John Wilson’s finest material. All of the effects are designed to be memorable, utterly amazing and completely engaging. John’s mantra when it comes to magic is clear. He aims to enlighten and liberate his audience as much as he fools and entertains them. Scroll down to find out more about the individual volumes.
In Volume 1 of You and Me and the Devil Makes Three, you will learn three routines and be treated to three essays by one of Texas’ finest magicians, John Wilson.
Cause a coin to capture a participant’s hatred, demonstrate skills of rapid calculation and allow your spectator to unlock their own cognitive potential. All of this and more is covered in Volume 1.
    The Path of Broken Hearts
    The Parabola
    On Confrontation
    Euler and Water
    The Superman Problem
    The Hypnotic Coin Bend
In Volume 2, John Wilson presents three more routines and essays. The purpose of everything John teaches is to extract the most impact out of effects so that they are forever remembered by your audiences.
Separate the red and black cards in a shuffled, borrowed deck, deliver cradle-to-grave readings and more!
    The Real Secret
    Dream Catcher
    Emotional Content
    Outer This World
    The Method of Faith
    1.5 Card Q&A


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