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      Colors by Allias - Download now

    no props included

    Colors by Allias is a completely impossible prediction effect that you can carry with you at all times.

    • Over two hundred options to choose from...
    • Your spectator stops on any colored strip...
    • She decides on a color...
    • And you prove that you knew which one she'd select from the outset!

    After displaying the many options on a color chart to your spectator, she chooses any strip she wants. Her chosen strip has four colors on it, and she has a free choice of any of them. Your prediction has been tabled from the start of your performance, yet matches her chosen color exactly. Colors is a mind blower! 

    This effect is completely self-working - the custom-made props do all the work for you. 

    Key features

    • Your spectator chooses whichever strip she wants, and whichever color - with no force.
    • A mentalism effect with a difference - no playing cards, just a prop that everyone will recognize.
    • The custom-made color chart has been manufactured to be the perfect size for close-up performances.

    What's included

    • Instructional DVD Download in which Allias reveals the many subtleties he uses when performing the routine

    User reviews 

    "Combining a range of ingenious principles in a prop like this is an amazing idea - it's perfect for close-up, thanks, Allias." 
    - Michel H.


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