Alan Jones - Mostly Mental

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    Alan Jones - Mostly Mental
    The title of this ebook says it all really. It's 'mostly mental' and as such focuses on the performance of psychological illusion. It's not an ebook full of tricks and new methods, but a series of reflections and thoughts which include sections on NLP, Hypnosis, Linguistic Ambiguity, Performance Analysis, RAW Mentalism (Random Acts of Wonder) and so on. Of course there are some effects within the two-hundred or so pages and they are all drawn from Alan's working repertoire.
    "I see your work as an asset to many sincere performers. Your approach is not for the mildly curious, nor should it be. Congratulations on all your successes and many more." - Kenton Knepper
    "I really enjoyed reading your book. The first card effect is Gangbusters. The Theory is Great Too" - Jeff McBride
    "Alan Jones presents a fascinating lecture giving valuable ideas about magic and performance relating to his interests and training in NLP and education. Alan's presentation is humorous, eye opening and well worth every magician's attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it." - Eugene Burger
    Statement of Intent Who the Hell Am I ??C Why this Book?
    Magic Happens A thought about Magic
    Spell Craft ??C Foreword Some background and initial thoughts
    So you want to be??. Putting Mentalism into context
    Just because?? It's not only about tricks??
    Completely Cold Mind Power Thought Reading with no pre-show
    The Map and The Territory Language and Understanding
    Focus and Attention Thoughts about mis-direction
    Astro-Logical Diving an individuals likes and birth-sign
    The Meta Model Language Patterns
    Looking Ahead A consideration of the one-ahead principle
    The Spect-Actor The role of the spectator
    Predestination Another 'chair' routine
    The P's of Perfection A framework for developing routines
    Mentalism is about??. Information and Pre-Show Thoughts
    Chance, Choice, Foresight A prediction effect
    Sleight of Mouth Hypnotic Language Patterns
    Star-Tarot Discovery of an individuals birth-sign
    Extra-Terrestrial Location My favourite card routine
    The Experience of Magic What is it all about and a 7 Keys Routine
    Anchoring Enriching your performance
    Methods needing Routines A number trick and two card forces
    Thoughts on Hypnotism What is it, basic induction patterns
    First Crush My favourite close-up routine
    Transformational Magic The meaning and value of your magic
    Are You Psychic? An excuse to practice cold reading
    Simplex Psuedo-Psychometry Yet another method with performance tips
    Hypno-Trickery A take on pseudo-hypnosis routines
    RAW Mentalism Some thoughts on impromptu Mentalism
    Cold Enough More "Cold Reading" Hints
    Say Goodnight to the Magician Reflections on doing magic differently
    References Some useful resources
    What's in a Word End Piece ??C Reclaiming Mentalism
    1st edition 2013; 215 pages.
    word count: 46815 which is equivalent to 187 standard pages of text


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